Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Misadventures in Infidelity - Review

Misadventures in InfidelityMisadventures in Infidelity by Johnny Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great book! The Misadventures of Infidelity is broken into three stories, or memories if you will, in the life of Erin, who is a bit of a nymphomaniac and a bit of a tease. The fixes Erin finds herself in, are at times, comical and sometimes a bit scary.

We start out learning a little about Erin, her growing up years and how they shape her life as an adult. It is mentioned right off in the blurb "Erin is a slut and a tease". I'm not sure about a "slut", but she sure does get around! In the first short story, A Rude Awakening, we learn that Erin is married to a military man, Rob, who is away quite a bit. What's a girl to do when she needs a man and her man is no where to be found? Well, in Erin's case, you hunt up a ménage! Erin and her best friends, who are husband and wife, have a bit of bedroom fun and its Lights! Camera! Action! And Erin is more than ready for her closeup Mr. DeMille! as she has her first ménage with two men , while her friend video tapes, with running commentary, in the background. I won't give away too much from this short story, since it has a major impact on the rest of the book. Let's just say Erin very much enjoyed her three-way on the small screen, since she couldn't remember actually being there!

In the second story, Mr. Harley and his Unwanted Guests we find Erin reminiscing about the first time she made a conscious effort to have sex with a complete stranger. She ends up in a bar, during a wet t-shirt contest and catches the eye of hard working, blue jean wearing, motorcycle riding, Al, who was my favorite character that Erin meets up with. He is sex on two legs and has eyes for Erin. What more could a girl ask for? He rescues her after the wet t-shirt contest, from some over zealous males who, I suspect, would like to help her out of more than her wet t-shirt! He takes her away on his motorcycle, to his campsite, where he proceeds to show her how a real country boy works it!

In the third and final story, The Working Girl, Erin and her husband are having a bit of a financial crisis and Erin needs to look for work. Erin being Erin, you just know somehow she is going to hang a left into Sexville and a right, directly into Trouble Town! She has an interview with the haughty Miss Waters, who pretty much informs Erin she's not qualified to load the paper tray on a copy machine much less be a secretary. But wait! Miss. Waters does have a position open on her personal home staff. What luck! Erin is thrilled with the pay, and excited to start work, but where would the Misadventure be in something as simple as that? Miss. Waters, or Ma'am as Erin is instructed to call her, is a FemDom. Let the Misadventure begin!

This book has a very comical side to it; and each story has it's own unique twist which really keeps things interesting. The author shines in his ability to combine sex with the comedy of errors in Erin's life. This is a fun and quick read while curled up in your favorite chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's not to be missed.

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