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Relentless by Bonny Capps

Relentless (Killer #3)Relentless by Bonny Capps

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Overall rating: 4.0

****4 "Walk on the dark side" stars****

The final book in the Killer series by Bonny Capps tells the story of Gabe's grandson, Milo, the last of the Thibault line.

It's been a long journey from Gabe and Amelia to Gabriel and Dani and now to Milo, a.k.a. "M", and Adriana. This book begins twenty-five years after Gabriel ended, twenty-five years after Milo was stolen from Gabriel and Dani.

Milo is deep and dark. He looks like his father, Gabriel, with blonde hair and green eyes and the Thibault gene pool is at it's strongest in Milo. He is a killer with over 900 kills, he's got a lot of blood on his hands and makes no apologies for it.

"She understands my darkness, because now she's such a huge part of it. She's not an angel. She's a devil, just like me. She's the epitome of my affections, and I don't go giving that shit to nobody."
He's happy living his life without the ties of any relationship. Women are meant to be used, abused, fucked, and then just move on. Don't look back, don't get involved. That was his motto.

Until Adriana.
"'I'm your whore...your little kitten,' I whisper."

"I hate to love him, and I love to hate him. Our relationship is a double edged sword."

Adriana works at a club that her father owns called "Beau". She's a dancer and it's not by choice. Her father has total control over her. And he's a totally asshat. He uses her beauty to pull in the customers night after night into the Beau. She has black hair and very pale skin, earning her the nickname, "Living Dead Girl", and once her gray eyes clash with Milo's green ones, it's over for both of them.

Their "non-relationship relationship" is tumultuous at best and it's hard to say too much as I don't want to give anything away. This is one of those "end of series" books that you must experience for yourself to get the full value of the ride.

And the ending... damn, what an ending. I didn't see any of it coming, it actually made me choke up.

Bonny, you did to me again..

But seriously, that was.......

Loved it!

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