Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: Final Debt by Pepper Winters

Final Debt (Indebted, #6)Final Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6

5 *Perfect Ending* Stars

Bravo! I loved the Indebted Series, every single book, but it was time for it to end. To go out "on top". I was ready, and so were Jethro and Nila. The only thing left to do is read the Indebted Epilogue, to find out how Jethro and Nila move on. I *am* anxious to read their (hopefully) "happily ever after". And did I just see somewhere that there is going to be a prequel? Indebted Beginnings Oh hell yeah! Bring it on!

From the very first book I was hooked, and I can't even begin to decide which book in this series was my favorite. Possibly the Second Debt... perhaps it was this one seeing Nila and Jethro grow as people, one getting stronger, one finally allowing a bit of vulnerability. Both showing both of those traits at different times.

Bonnie and Cut and Daniel.. Oh my! Oh how I despised these crazy fucked up characters through this whole series. They're all just plain crazy! So many times I wanted to wrap my fingers around their windpipes and pull. They are all necessary evils, and without them, there would be no story. But, damn... they're all so twisted!

But this book also showed the human side of these characters that I had come to believe were less than capable of anything but cruelty. So many things were finalized, answered, wrapped up. So much redemption, forgiveness, and answers are found in this book, and all were done very well. And a lot of history was shared.

I love dark reads.. dark non-con filled with all sorts of taboo, and this saga hit every love, and took me places that my mind would have never thought possible.

This book also had some unexpected POVs that were very welcome. Some were tear worthy. But all were fitting for this book. There were a couple times I was ready for this book to move along, but for the most part, I really wouldn't change a thing.

The transformations in the main characters in this saga were always ongoing.
Enemies Unknown
Hawk and Weaver
Kite and Needle
Jethro and Nila
Friends and lovers

And finally...

Soul shredding, heart wrenching, and beautiful. This series will go down as *the* top series for me. My very favorite. Well done, Pepper Winters!

But wait! That's not all! Lets not forget Nila's core in this review (as I've made mention of in my other reviews of this series!) Just a little fun. It didn't go unnoticed that Pepper toned down Nila's clenching core in this book! Which I was *really* happy to see. I really worried about all the things that her core was doing, that it was going to wear itself out! But in this final book, her core only clenched once, Jethro pulled on that invisible cord, (that was new), between Nila's breast and core causing her womb to clench and wetness to weep, her core grew wet, and then finally... finally her core "detonated"! Such a fitting finalé for Nila's over active core!

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