Sunday, June 1, 2014

Eternal Every After

Eternal Ever AfterEternal Ever After by A.C. James
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Okay. I'm not even sure what I just tortured myself with here. But I do know one thing for sure.

The synopsis sounded promising. Vamps with a little BDSM thrown in? What more could a girl ask for, right?

Well something that was a little less ridiculous would have been just peachy!

Vampires, Fairies, and witches! Oh My! These wouldn't have been bad things if they were introduced with just one tiny bit of believability.

*Dramatic Facepalm*

This book is more along the lines of Twilight meets True Blood. There are similarities to both. A LOT of similarities.

The Vampires in this book don't sparkle or glamour though... they dazzle!!

There were things in this book that were constantly mentioned or pointed out, her "satchel" for instance. What the hell was up with the satchel? I kept thinking there would be something important revealed about it since it was mentioned fifteen different times.

Another was when Arie dazzled her and jumped off the top of a 1,000 ft. building, she constantly gets migraines when trying to remember what happened later, (a kiss) but those things were never followed up on. It's not like he didn't kiss her, spank her, bind her, have sex with her throughout the book, so what was so important about her forgetting that kiss? It's never explained.

Then on the opposite end of the widely swinging spectrum there were things that were way over the top in being overly descriptive.

For instance at about 24% in the author takes us on a little ride.

"We drove north on Lincoln Park West" "Arie turned right onto West Fullerton Parkway and continued straight at the intersection of North Cannon Drive." "He merged onto the highway, heading south." "Arie pulled off the highway, taking the Grand Avenue exit, bearing left onto Lower North Lake Shore Drive." "We continued over another bridge." "Arie turned right onto East Wacker Drive...” "Arie merged onto a ramp continued past the Chicago Riverwalk; its scenic view made me dizzy...” (Yeah! I feel ya on that one!) "He turned left on Columbus Drive..."

I actually felt carsick after just *reading* that!

Did the author think I was gonna plug all of this into Google Maps and go for a scenic Sunday afternoon drive? Really? All of that took up *way* too much space, and that doesn't even mention all the filler in between all of those twists and turns.

The funniest line in the whole book; "I laughed. ’You seriously expect me to believe that the mafia is controlled by a bunch of faeries?'"

Yeah well, I can believe that more than the plausibility of the rest of this book.

Holly doesn't seem in the least shocked when Arie reveals that he's a vampire, or that there are faeries, witches, etc., she's more shocked that said vampire is standing in her kitchen cooking.

There is one scene in the book where Aire starts laughing at her, and by the end of the paragraph I feel like I’m reading about a 12 year old boy rather than a vampire who's been around since about 108 BC. Sometimes he seems very old world and refined, then all of the sudden he seems like a schoolboy.

I don't think I ever developed a connection with a single character in this book. They were all one dimensional and unbelievable.


Except maybe Mystic, the cat.

I almost gave up on this book at around 75%, but felt that I needed to finish at that point. I had to see if the Rogue vampire actually ever showed up, or was that just one more thing that was being led up to that didn't materialize?

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