Monday, August 29, 2016

Tank by Carmen Jenner

Tank by Carmen Jenner

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 5.0
*****5 "I love you enough to put you on the back of my bike and keep you there for good." Stars*****

Okay. Just. Wow. What a wild ride! I have to say that from book 1, Kick, to this book, the author's writing style grew by leaps and bounds. This book kept me on the edge of my seat, gripping my Kindle, and more than once whispering, "nooooo...!"
"I want her submission. I want her heart. I want her to look at me and not wish I were someone else. More than anything though, I want to rid her of the belief that to love is to hurt to feel pleasure is to hurt."
Tank - a.k.a. Death, a.k.a. Jonah Whitecross, he's not your typical biker that you read about in most MC books. Even though he's a killer, and has no qualms about it. He can be demanding, overbearing, a complete "arsehole" at times... but he can also be gentle, caring, and loving, much to Ivy's surprise and dismay.

Ivy - club whore, junkie, lost girl... victim. And she wants nothing to do with that caring and loving side of Tank. Ivy needs to be abused to "feel"... well anything. She doesn't do "pleasure".

Tank is going to try and show her just how wrong she is on that front. And he does it damn well, too!
Tank has been in love with Ivy since he first met her, but Ivy's not in love with Tank, far from it, and to make matter's worse, he's taken her to his cabin and "held her prisoner"... her words, not his. He's taken her away from the club, away from Kick, and away from any way to get her drugs. He wants to help her get clean and she doesn't want any part of Tank's help.

But she's going to get it, whether she likes it or not!
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