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Her Master's Teacher

Her Master's Teacher (Masters, #2)Her Master's Teacher by Lily White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Heart stoppingly sadistic stars!*****
"She used her natural talents to adorn the success, wealth and status he'd attained. She was not just a slave to his desires, but and acquisition that was adored. Once the courtesan learned that fact, she was set free in her sexuality."

I need to catch my breath after this one!

*takes several deep breaths*

Okay. I'm fine.

Ummm... wait. Maybe not.

This book is just one giant mindfuck!

Just when I thought I had every thing figured out, nope, not even close. This book has more twists and turns than a... twisty turny thing!


"Life was a cruel thing and no matter what you plan, it doesn't always turn out the way you expected in he end. I'd been careful in life. Almost too careful and it felt like I'd wasted so much time working towards something that would eventually have no meaning. I should have been out with friends. I should have been falling in love. I should have been doing the things I would never have the opportunity to do since I'd been thrown into this room, left to wither away like a dying flower."

Claire is a psychology professor. I liked her, felt a connection to her, and I sympathized with her. Truly. I felt her fear and hopelessness. I didn't like the cocky little snot that sat in her classroom day after day. But... then as time and story moved on, I started looking for him, wanting him to look at her, pay attention to her. Then in the worst way possible.. he did. He takes her from her life.


"My name is Holland Strong and at 21 years old, I'm the youngest man training to be a Master within a scoiety of wealthy and influential men. My training began early and I'm considered a potential savant within the society."

It was a particular lecture that Claire gives in her class, in which Holland is a student, that gets his attention. A lecture on Stockholm Syndrome.

Claire particularly gets Holland's attention when she gives her theory of Stockholm Syndrome.

"If a person is able to understand the mechanics of how Stockholm works, a person can take steps to prevent it from occurring within them if they find themselves in an abusive or captive situation."

This definitely gets Holland's attention!

Ahhh... and we have Aiden

Aiden hasn't lost any of his bite from the first book. And I love that about him. He is definitely a character I love to hate! Aiden is Holland's Mentor. The man responsible for teaching Holland how to become, and be, a Master in the exclusive society.

Aiden was true to form in this book to be sure. And I was happy that he was (also) a main character in this book. A driving force.

While i loved Her Master's Teacher, i still think Her Master's Courtesan, was my favorite of the two. This one was just awesome in a different way. I think i enjoyed the first one more because there was more Aiden in it.. yes, i admit it.. i'm a little Stockholmy for Aiden. Don't judge me! :D

The "pear of anguish" that Aiden used on Claire.. The description made me shudder and i could actually picture it being used. I love that about Lily White's writing in this series!

Rebecca makes an appearance in this book too, but she's basically just in and out of the room, under the desk, eating out of her dog bowl. She does play an important part in the story, but we just don't see as much of her as we do Aiden. But we do still see the love she has for her Master... and the care that her Master gives to her in the only way that Aiden is capable of.

This book was a complete and total mindfuck. From page one right until the last page. Every time I thought I had something figured it out it took a hard left and proved me wrong, and things I didn't see coming caused me to re-read a part just to be sure I'd just read what I thought I'd read! The way Ms. White took everything you thought you'd read, cut it up in tiny little pieces and tossed it in the wind, that's the kind of things i love and what took this book to a complete and solid 5 star read for me!

I'm really hoping we'll see more of the Master's Series in the future.. and I hope that Aiden is still the teacher of the Masters!

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