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The Loft by Elizabeth Lister

The Loft (The Loft Trilogy, #1)The Loft by Elizabeth Lister

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 5.0

Okay, so as most of my friends know, I don't read M/M and or menage... but I've learned to never say never! I met the author, Elizabeth Lister, on my group when her book came up as the mid-month book read, and I enjoyed the interaction she had with all of us, and several of the members were going to read the book, and to the shock of my friends I decided to give it a go. Thank you for gifting the book to me, Elizabeth, hopefully this review will be considered as my gift to you.
I went into this read with an open mind about it being an M/m/m, also knowing that it was a BDSM heavy story helped with my decision since I live the lifestyle as a submissive myself.
So, I have to say that I *thoroughly enjoyed* this novella! Ms. Lister brought out the beautiful side of a consensual BDSM relationship. She showed 3 men, James the Dominant, Tate and Sebastian (James') submissives, and the love they shared, the day to day rapport, and she showed how love and respect go hand in hand in these relationships.

The darker side of this story was with Oliver, a submissive male that found his "Dominant", Terrence, on an online BDSM site. The "Dominant" was actually an abuser hiding behind the definition of BDSM, using it to cover his abusive tendencies.
Oliver, though he'd been taught better, didn't practice the *Safe, Sane, and Consensual* (number one) rule of true and healthy BDSM, in this instance with Terrences. I felt that Oliver was more concerned with having a Dominant than being safe. Ms. Lister clearly defines the difference in BDSM and an abusive relationship. For that, I thank her.

Tate, what a bratty little sub he can be sometimes! I really enjoyed his character, and the naughty things he said and did in fun. But I also like, that even though he was, at first, jealous of Oliver, he realized that Oliver was in danger and took it upon himself to try and save Oliver, only to find himself in a dangerous situation too.

Sebastian, was another character I really enjoyed, and would love to hear his thoughts as we heard Tate's in this book.

James, well who doesn't love a strong, caring, loving Dominant? James has all of those traits and more. His main concern is always the well being of his submissives... even when they are naughty!

I looked at this book from a submissives point of view, looking through the submissive eyes of Tate, and reading the book for what it truly was about, a relationship between a Dominant and his submissives. And.. it. was. beautiful.

Thank you Elizabeth for writing a book that showed the beauty of this type of relationship, and the difference between BDSM consensual play and abuse. Well done!
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