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Review: Completion (The Kane Trilogy Book 3.5)

Completion (The Kane Trilogy #3.5)Completion by Stylo Fantome

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 "Complete" Stars

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

"Completion" of the series and what an ending it is. I'm so glad that Ms. Fantome decided to write this for her own personal enjoyment. I loved seeing where Jameson and Tate ended up after two years!

When it comes right down to it, Tate is a good girl, she never believed that about herself, but she is. Jameson.. well, he's still Satan in a very expensive suit, and I wouldn't want him any other way!

Tate, loves hard, with everything she is. She loves her Satan and she loves her friends. I feel that when Tate makes a friend she makes one for life.

Ang is the sexy wanna be porn star that helped her when she left home and taught her how to really live. I loved the interaction between them. The (sexual) honesty. I believe that Ang loved Tate more than he ever really let on. That's what my mind tells me anyway, and even though they fought, loved, fought, had sex, and fought some more, I think Tate taught *him* how to live too.

Sanders. There is nothing I can say here about Sanders that will do him justice. He was probably my favorite character of this whole series. It was his straightforwardness that kept *everyone* moving toward their happily ever after. He wasn't afraid to say how he felt, or what he thought. He was honest with his feelings, and he even put up with Tate "touching" him! Drunk Sanders was the best! This world could use more "Sandys'"!

Watching Jameson and Tate fall in love was the highlight of my reading for this month! I've added a new favorite author to my list! Thank you for a wonderful series Ms. Fantome. I won't wish for more since it ended exactly the way it should have.


Although, maybe a book about Sanders and where he ends up in life would be fun!

Note: Be sure to keep reading at the end of the book, past the Acknowledgements, there is bonus material! *jumps excitedly* There is a listing for a "Soundtrack", Deleted Scenes, and a fantastic interview with Jameson and Tate!

And finally...

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Review: Reparation (The Kane Trilogy Book 3)

Reparation (The Kane Trilogy, #3)Reparation by Stylo Fantome

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 *OMG! I want to throw my Kindle* Stars
Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall Rating - 4.6

This book, just like the author warned, made me want to take my Kindle, smash it against the closest wall and watch it dissolve into tiny fragments that matched the pain in my heart.

Of course I didn't do that. I love my Kindle too much, and like it or not, I just HAD to keep reading to find out what Jameson, Tara, Sanders, Nick, and Ang would get up to next!

Things were not good for Jameson and Tara from the get go. No matter how much Tara tried to convince everyone around her, and herself, that everything was fine. Jameson knew. Sanders knew. Ang knew. Nick... he was just clueless! There was just something *off* with Tara.

He had branded himself onto her soul. Like it or not, he was a part of her, and she was a part of him.
Reparation is about revenge. And Love. Broken trust. Trust regained.
Jameson was the devil. Ang was disrespectful. Ellie was a bitch. When did it get to be Tatum's turn?

Yes, but what are you after you've alienated everyone, hmmm? What kind of creature then?

The one thing I want to say about this entire series is that it was funny. Really funny, in parts. Heartbreaking in others. But the interaction between Tate and the men in this story, some really funny stuff! When Tate is baiting Jameson, when he's ready to kill her because of her mouth, those were the scenes that, at times, made me laugh out loud. There were also times that I totally agreed with Jameson. I wanted to look at Tate and say...
There are a couple of things that kept this book at a 4.6 (rounded up to 5) star rating. There was a time, in the beginning of Reparation, that I struggled. It seemed to be the same thing over and over with Tate. I got tired of her whining. I wanted to put *my* hands around her throat and squeeze, and not for fun times. I wanted to slap her to wake her up. At that point, I felt that this could have been a 2 book series.

I also felt that at times, Tate was a bit *too* immature. Jumping up and down on Jameson's bed like she was 12 instead of, (around 25ish). The silly clothes that she wore, even out in public. I felt all of those things were for shock effect, and it really didn't work for me when it came to the 3rd book in this series.

But, like all great books, the book worked it's way out of that slump and picked up and I was back on the Jameson-Tate-Sanders-Ang-Nick train again, even when Tate was acting a bit immature. So, if you feel like I did, stick with it, it's MORE than worth it!

And keep a firm hand on your Kindle!
'Cause you don't want to miss the end... and you *certainly* don't want to miss Completion!

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Review: Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2)

Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2)Separation by Stylo Fantome

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 *Baby girl, I never lose* Stars

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

This book in the Trilogy starts out with Sanders. Sanders Dashkevich. We learn a bit more of how he came to be Sanders and why he's been with Jameson since he was 13 years old. Why Jameson is much more a "Father figure" than just an employer.

Sanders is probably the most grounding, grounded, and central character in this entire series. Without him, I truly believe there would be no Jameson and Tate. So thank goodness for Sanders!

We find Jameson in the library, Sanders is gone and Tate is nowhere to be found. What Jamison did, in the last book, with Petrushka Ivanovic, his super model ex, is unthinkable and has very likely ruined the relationship he doesn't realize he wants.. and needs.. with Tara.

Jameson hadn't, however, counted on wanting her so bad that no one else even existed outside of her.

And a plot is born. With Sanders' help, Jameson gets Tara to Spain, and he's in a whole yacht load of trouble for it.

Can Jameson convince Tara that he still owns her? That she is the right man for him? Or will Tara drop out of his life forever?

What about Nick? Ang? Sanders? Will they help her or Jameson?


I bet you can't *wait* to read this installment after reading Degradation!

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Review: Degradation (The Kane Trilogy Book 1)

Degradation (The Kane Trilogy, #1)Degradation by Stylo Fantome

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 *Shut the fuck up* Stars!

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

I don't know where to start with this book. I absolutely LOVED it! I loved all the characters and they were so believable!

This author writes in such a way that I can envision every move the characters make. She describes situations, something as simple as Tate sitting down in a chair, that make me feel like I'm actually sitting in the same room watching her.

Jameson and Tate. What a story! What a wild ride with these two characters.

I've read all 4 books in this series, so I don't want to give away too much in this review, which is hard because I want to talk about everything I just read!

This series.. read it! Take a few days out of your schedule and... Just. Read.

Jameson and Tate had a one night stand, 7 years ago. Jameson was Tate's sister, Ellie's, boyfriend. It wasn't something they planned, it was just something that "happened".

Because of this, Tate was disowned by her family, no money, no college, nothing. She starts out living on the streets but ends up living with a roommate, Rusty, and sleeping with Angier, her best friend. Well, actually Tate will sleep with just about any man that comes along.

She loves her new life. She's gone from the "poor little rich girl", to being the best bartender in Boston. She's fun, happy, and a little slutty!

While working as wait staff at an event, she runs into Jameson. Seven years seem to melt away. He changed her life that one night. She changed his. They both became who they are now.. because of that one night stand. And who they are is dynamite waiting for that one spark.

This book is explosive! My emotions were all over the place at times, but I couldn't put it down!

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