Saturday, May 10, 2014

Forgotten Sins Is Unforgettable!

Forgotten Sins (Sin Brothers, #1)Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, let me preface this with, this was a pretty good book. But there were some inconsistencies that kind of glared at me.

I enjoyed the characters, well, most of them. I liked Shane and his brothers of course, and Det. Malloy.

I found Detective Malloy to be a fatherly sort. Very protective of Josie. Sweet in his own way. A lot smarter than his rumpled suit implied. I loved the connection to the "nice ties" throughout the story, and I wonder if the Detective will get a chance to headline in a future book with the brothers, or at least feature in some way or the other.

Shane and his brothers were well... pretty hot! And Shane and Josie were just hot, hot, HOT together!

Josie... hmmm. She kept going on and on about how she didn't need help, she didn't want help. But was constantly putting herself in situations where she needed to be rescued, over and over and over. I don't think I've ever seen a character so susceptible to being kidnapped before! She was strong. She was soft. She loved Shane and could, didn't want to, live without him. She was tough enough to live without him. She waffled so much from page to page she should have been slathered in butter and covered in syrup!

But even with that, I still enjoyed the read.

The last 10% or so of the book was full of twists and turns, it kept me guessing and at times on the edge of my seat. But, there were a few... inconsistencies that really made me wonder. It seems the author got so caught up in the fight scene and wrapping up the book that she forgot something that was, in my opinion, fairly important.

--When Shane was running after the plane to get on board, "He caught a glimpse of dark hair in a side window. Dr. Madison turned her face, a smile lifting her lips..." So she was on the plane. Matt had already warned Shane that Dr. Madison was his (to kill).

--Fight ensues on board the plane, Shane and Tom fight it out. Shane of course wins this fight. Next they are in Montana at the ranch. What the hell? No mention of Dr. Madison at all once Shane entered the plane. It's like she evaporated. She was deadly and psychotic and she worked for The Commander so why didn't she get into the fight, do something to Josie, pick up the gun that Tom dropped and threaten Josie to get to Shane? Did she just sit there, tapping her nails on the armrest while all the craziness was going on around her? Was she taking a nap?

Some other things that stuck out to me.

--Shane had super hearing, could hear a horn honk blocks away, supersonic hearing even, right? But every time he was in the same building as Josie, and some other kidnapping plot happened, he could be just around the corner, but he never heard her being threatened, never heard her talking? Ever? Did he have selective supersonic hearing then tuned out Josie's voice? At times I could probably understand that!

--When Josie was taken to the 9th Floor with George. And she hit him in the head with the bolt cutters and ran, "she YANKED the door and ran inside". "Yanking" the door tells me that it opened towards her, so that means that once inside the storage room she had to "pull" the door closed. Then it goes on to say that she "yanked a shelving unit down in front of the door. Then another." Then she "grabbed several tiles and piled them between the downed shelves." "George pounded on the door." She kept piling the tiles until they were all between the shelves keeping the door shut. "Even if he had a key and could unlock the door, no way could he *push* it open." Umm, when did she lock it? And wouldn't he just have to reach down, turn the knob and *YANKED* it open?

But these were just a few things in a very long, fun book. I'll read the next ones in the series... Maybe I'll find out what happened to Dr. Madison!

This was a 3.75 star read, and i have hopes the rest of the series just gets better and better.

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