Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: Sold by Leslie Sansom

Sold (Keeping her in the Dark)Sold by Leslie Sansom

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★
Story: ★★
Characters: ★★

Overall rating: 2 Stars

**2 Generous Stars**

This book has such promise, and I was excited to read it, based on the blurb. But I felt like this book went on forever, and went nowhere. It did start out pretty decent, but then it just sat there. I'm hard pressed at this point to even remember what I read.

Liam... hot and cold. Indecisive. Liam was *not* a dominant man, he was petty and spoiled and felt like he was entitled. He would punish Norah in the name of being her "Master", but wouldn't explain what it was she'd done wrong. He reminded me of a spoiled school boy who stomped his feet when he didn't get his way.

Liam was clueless. Didn't know that it was a sex slave operation, didn't know the money when to funding said operation, (thought it went to "chairty"? Really?), didn't know that the girls were kidnapped.. so really what DID Liam know? Once he found out that Norah was kidnapped, the fine upstanding citizen that he was, he kept her.

The only thing I can really say about Norah is that she was annoying. She was just as bad as Liam, running hot and cold all the time. Yup, that's about it. She was annoying.

I don't normally bring up grammar, so if I do, you'll know that it was noticeable, enough so that it really detracted from the story for me. I understand this is a self publish, which is great, but please, use some beta readers in the future.

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