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Review: Silver Bastard

Silver BastardSilver Bastard by Joanna Wylde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Overall rating: 4.3
4 *Ohhh! Puck me!* Stars

I listened to this on audio, and it was the first time I'd listened to an audiobook that had a male and female narrator, while Becca's voice, like her, was kind of annoying.. Puck's was, like him, swoon worthy!

I loved Puck.. he was a dick a lot of the time, but he was a bad boy with a sense of humor.. and he totally won me over with that trait.

Puck saved Becca from a terrible home life when she was still in highschool when her stepfather was pimping her out. Once he realized her age he just up and took her back to his town, set her up with a family there that gave her a great homelife. Becca's mother and stepfather are just evil and vile. The don't deserve someone like Becca to even be in their life. Her mother is a user of drugs.. and Becca. Becca is sweet and kind, and she worries about, and tries to take care of, everyone.
"That boy's crazy about you-- it's cute. Like a pit bull crushing on a kitten."
Puck has never forgotten Becca and Becca sure hasn't forgotten Puck, even when he spent time in prison to protect his club. Their relationship is a beautiful thing to watch unfold.
"Becca Jones might be my property in the eyes of the club, but the reality was that she owned me and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it."
And "in reality" he didn't want to do anything about it. He was hers just as much as she was his.

This book intermingles with with Reaper's MC and we see a lot of those members in this book, Reapers and Old Ladies alike, which I really enjoyed! It was seamless.

I'm really looking forward to more in this series, and seeing where Ms. Wylde will take us on the journey!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: A Beautiful Prison

A Beautiful PrisonA Beautiful Prison by Jenika Snow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★
Characters: ★★★

Overall rating: 3.3 Stars

*3 *Too Short* Stars

I'm not really sure how to rate this Novella. I didn't hate it but it just fell flat for me.

In the beginning I felt like it was really going to go somewhere, I enjoy dark reads and this one had really good potential. But then, it just became... boring.

I didn't really feel a connection to the characters once Gavin had purchased Ruby, then the ending seemed so rushed.

But like I mentioned, I didn't hate it, but it wasn't a stunner for me either.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Flawed (The Butcher #1) by Francette Phal

Flawed (The Butcher, #1)Flawed by Francette Phal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Overall rating: 4.0

4 *Sociopathic* Stars

Oh. This. Book. This deliciously twisted, mind-twisting-bending-fucking-blowing book!

I have to admit, in the beginning, I was a little skeptical that this book would fly for me. I wanted dark, but what I seemed to be getting was a lot of (what I thought was) unnecessary world building.

And then...

This book took off like a rocket and went right through the stratosphere, and all I could do was grip my Kindle and hang on for the ride.

- what a twisted up sociopathic walking package of man candy he is.

"It entertains me to watch you think I care what you want, that I actualy care anything about you at all. It amuses me to manipulated your emotions, to see how much I can give you before I rip it all away again."
With one hand, Knox giveth... but it's with *both* hands, and whatever happens to be in his hands, that he taketh away.

Knox is a hit man for his adoptive father, Yuri, and he enjoys nothing more than carrying out the "exterminations" that Yuri needs from him. Slowly killing each mark in the most horrific way. Each done the same, slowly and methodically, with the lullaby humming through his lips.

- Eighteen year old, high school, prostitute, in denial.

"He delights in tormenting me, but I now bask in that torment, I crave his brutality more than I crave the gasping breath I take in to fill my lungs."
Lacey relizes how sick and twisted Knox is, but even though he tells her she has a choice, she doesn't really, she's made a deal with the devil, and there is no backing out now.

Just when she thinks things can't get worse, she finds that they can. Very much so.

almost as twisted as Knox. But. Not. Quite.

"'s the Christian thing to do. That's who I am. That's what I've based my public image on. My faith and my humanitarianism have made it possible for the public to love me, to trust me, to see nothing else but what i choose to show them."
Oooooh... I don't like this chick! She's around just enough in the book to mess with your head. The secrets she has, from everyone, including her father, make her the worst kind of sociopath.. the kind that are hiding right in front of your face.

I ended up loving this book, the dark turn it takes and keeps going straight into the deepest, darkest, most sinful kind of dark. This author really "brings it", and I SOOOO can't wait for the next book!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review: Third Debt (Indebted Book 4) by Pepper Winters

Third Debt (Indebted Book 4)Third Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6

5 *Heart Stopping* Stars

"She healed me. She broke me. I set her free. But we are in this together. We will end this together. The rules of this ancient game can’t be broken.”

Third Debt starts off with Nila back home with her family, but she's missing Jethro and has decided that she can't live without him. She knows she can help him, she knows she can get him to choose her. But before she has the chance to run back to him, he comes for her, and much like the first time, not all is what it seems to the prying eyes of the public or her family.

However, the Jethro that comes to claim her to take her back to Hawksridge is only bringing her back with one goal in mind. The Third Debt. He is much like the Jethro she first met in Milan. Distant and cruel and as cold as the bottom of an iceberg in the Arctic.

Jethro has put the ice walls back up around his heart, thanks to a new and powerful drug that has proven quite well in helping his "condition". He feels nothing, he doesn't care about anything or anyone, doesn't even take his precious Wing out for riding or playing Polo anymore. He doesn't have time for all of that. He's fully ensconced in the business now, and has no need for anything, especially the "Weaver Whore". He wants the Debts done so he can move on to his 30th birthday and inherit it all.

Having Nila back, along with his new miracle drug, it should be easy to ignore her except only when necessary. But, this is Nila and Jethro, and it becomes a matter of who is really going to save who.

The sex between Jethro and Nila is beyond hot and only gets hotter! Ms. Winters knows how to build sex into a story without letting it take over and *become* the story. It's well placed and well timed. Not an easy thing to do in this genre.

There is a lot that goes on in this book, lots of dark and twisty turns. My heart started with a little crack throughout the last 3 books in this series to finally shatter to pieces by the end of this one.

Oh we can't forget about Nila's "core", now can we?! As with my last couple of reviews with this series, I've shown how talented her "core" is.. this review will be no exception! Although her "core" wasn't as busy this time around, but it did do some neat tricks!

Lets see her core clenched while feeding off of his power, her skin hummed and prickled, her blood raced, her lips melted and... her core clenched each and every time. Her core clenched from his words, his power, it got wet from sheer deliciousness, and it clenched from the longing on Jethro's face. And when her core clenched, sparkes detonated in her blood! Damn!

Her core burned, prickling sensitivity darted and centered in her core, motorcycle regalia did terrible things to her core, and a blistering wave of need spread from her core.

Her core contracted again and again, with heaven shooting through her system. Heaven I tell you!

And finally her core exposed itself. Shameless, slutty little core!

Oh and lets not forget she also has talented nipples. They harden into rocks, they pebble, and peak.

They're dark, they get teased, tweaked, tugged, they freeze, and they throb with the swift burn of intoxicating pain.
It's going to be a looooong wait for August! Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long after that for the final installment. I'm looking forward to every core clenching, nipple hardening, dark, mind fucking page of it too!

**Don't take my bashing of Nila's core, or her nipples, to heart, (I hear she secretly likes it!), because I love this series and looking forward to more of Nila, Jethro, Kestrel, Jaz, Vaughn, both daddys and even Daniel the most screwed up little brother in history... oh and yes, even Nila's core!

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Review: Second Debt (Indebted #3) by Pepper Winters

Second Debt (Indebted, #3)Second Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6

5 *OMG! I Can't Breathe* Stars

Nila. She loves Jethro. It's as simple and as totally messed up as that. She wants to hate him, she wants to kill him right along with the rest of his family. But she sees something redeemable and vulnerable beneath the ice cold exterior that he puts on day after day. She sees it melt when he takes her body. Or is she imagining it. How can she love this ice cold prince of darkness that has stolen not only the only life she ever knew, but also her heart.

But she knows the real Jethro is there, under all the secrets and ice. She knows he feels something for her. It may not be the love she hopes for but she's willing to do anything to help him, and to prove to him that he can trust her, and to show him that she loves him.

Jethro. This man is twisted up. Family one one side, Nila on the other. Choosing his family means he'll inherit everything, and perhaps get to keep Nila, and put an end to the Debts altogether. If he chooses Nila he loses everything, money, family, and Nila, because his family will call the debts due and Jethro will have no choice.

When Jethro tells Nila they are well and truly fucked, he means it. There is no way out.

All the while, Vaughn is working in the background. Will it work in time? Can he free his twin, or will all his work to save her only make it worse on her.

The Second Debt is coming and there is no way to stop it. The only hope is to go through with it. There is no choice. Neither Jethro or Nila can stop the Second Debt. It's been this way for 600 years. It's horrific and it'll take your breath away, literally.

Can Nila survive it? Can Jethro? Will it destroy the love Nila has found in her heart for Jethro? So many questions, and the only way to find out is to open this book start the march toward the Second Debt.

I'd advise you to have an oxygen mask handy, because the Second Debt will truly and completely take your breath away, in a hundred different ways.

Again, this book is rated a 4.6 but rounded up to 5 Star.

Lets see, this time Nila's core didn't play as much of a significant role as it did in my review of First Debt, but it did get a work out.
Sound echoed and shot straight to her core. It clenched, twisted with desire, had spasms of desire, and just flat out spasmed while greedily latching on to words, it contracted, sucked, and melted. Talented core!

There was more clenching, and nasty fingers probing it, and mouths close to it.

Her talented nipples even joined in as they sent even more clenching signals to her core. Her core was full of furious desire, and things gushed and pushed into her core.
Maybe not as much of a significant role, but it did stay on stage! Will Nila survive long enough to face the Third Debt? Will her core? Stay tuned!

**Don't take my bashing of Nila's core to heart, I love the series and looking forward to more of Nila, Jethro, Kestrel, Jaz, Vaughn, both daddys and even Daniel the most screwed up little brother in history... oh and yes, even Nila's core!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: I Know What Love Is by Whitney Bianca

I Know What Love Is (I Know..., #1)I Know What Love Is by Whitney Bianca

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★
Story: ★★★
Characters: ★★

Overall rating: 2.6

3 *Crazy Ass People!* Stars

I'm not really sure what to say about this book. I struggled for the first 25%, then it did pick up for me. By the end of it, I was really just ready for it to be over.

And it ended in a cliffhanger.

Really? This book could have totally been wrapped up start to finish in one book.. and in less pages than this one was.

"The worst monsters are the ones that don't look like monsters, because they fool you into complacency with their beauty."
Elliot was just a nutcase. A totally whacked out nutjob. But I have to give it to him, he knew what he wanted, and nothing stopped him from going after it. He was a man of patience when it came to Joan.

He was obsessed. He truly believed that he was in love with Joan, and tried to make her believe she was in love with him.

Joan was an even bigger nutcase! Elliot kidnapped her, raped her, beat her, and wasn't the least bit kind to her. But she kept making herself available for more. One minute she hated him and wanted him dead, the next she was more than just a little turned on by just the thought of him. Her selfishness and indecision; flip flopping around like a fish out of water, caused pain and anguish to almost everyone in her life in some fashion.

This book had it's moments too, of really keeping me on the edge of my seat, there were parts that were dark and pretty scary, wondering what was going to happen next. The sex was dark and graphic, which usually I love, but it went on and on. I found myself skimming a lot of the sex scenes to get to the really good stuff. But it was those "edge of my seat" moments that bumps this book up to a 3 Star rating.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: First Debt (Indebted #2) by Pepper Winters

First Debt (Indebted, #2)First Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6
5 *Mind-Has-Been-Fucked* Stars
Pepper Winters... what a tangled web you've woven for us!

Jethro and Nila. They have feelings for each other, but the problem is, those feelings, on the surface, change moment by moment, and under these circumstances, feelings of *any* kind, are dangerous. To them both.

Nila wants to hate Jethro. Jethro is suppose to hate Nila. They fight, ohhh how they fight, and let me tell you, no one writes "angry sex" like Ms. Winters!

Nila fights the feelings she has for Jethro. Everytime he shows her just a little bit of humanity, he snatches it back, becoming the epitome of an ice king. He slips into that role so well. But Nila sees the cracks and the fissures, and no matter how much she wants, and needs, to hate him for what he's doing to her, it's the light that shows through those fissures that she is slowly but surely falling for. She knows there is goodness in him, wrapped up in a dark, black, coldness. Her mission, is to find a way into his soul... and use it against him, before the price of the final debt becomes due and payable.

Her mind tells her one thing, but her heart and soul tell her something completely different. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for Nila, Jethro is having the same problem, the same thoughts. It's just not easy for him to show her. Worse than that, it's dangerous for him to show her.

In this book, we experience the "First Debt"... time for repayment. I know it was suppose to be harsh and cruel, but I confess that, for me, it was H. O. T. HOT

The one thing that Nila wants from Jethro, because she knows it's a way in to his frozen heart, is a kiss. She demands it, cries for it, begs for it. She knows, of all the things they could, and would do, it was the most intimate.

Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss. Me.

Vows are made, vows are broken, along with the shattering of hearts. The First Debt is even better than Debt Inheritance, which I also enjoyed.

My only complaint, and it's not really even that, about this series is the overuse of the word "core".

Nila's core is throbbing, fluttering, shuddering, cramping, clenching, trembling from abuse, and flickering with desire.

It's twisted with wetness, builds with wetness, and grows with wetness..

It's warm, sparking, had fire-bolts hurled at it, and had intense heat billowing from it. Is her core a tiny pyromaniac? Maybe all the wetness it experiences could help out in that area?

She had fingers probing it, jerked from it, brushing it, tugging it, exposing it, and spread like a tentative sunrise.

It's experienced melting, glowing, shivering, and it ripples.. a lot. Not to mention the invisible cords that seem to be attached to her core from her nipples.

And her core is insatiable. Well, you don't say!

That was just a little fun I wanted to have from first two books.. I'm sure there'll be more core rippling and throbbing moments for Nila in the next four books! If she keeps this up, she's going to have to have "core-o-plasty" by the end of it!

I'm totally twisted up in this series, absolutely loving it! I read the first two books in one day and I can't wait to see what'll happen next.. what will the Second Debt be? Which Debt will be the "Final Debt"? Will Nila's core continue to play a starring role? ;)

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Review: Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) by Pepper Winters

Debt Inheritance (Indebted, #1)Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6

5 *Sinfully Dark* Stars

Oh. My. God. This book.

I have to admit, that I read one of Pepper Winters' other books and I wasn't really a fan, and I had put off reading this book/series, but after it being recommended to me numerous times, and friends on my group reading it and raving about it, I was feeling a bit left out! LOL So I decided to at least read this first book of the series.

And I couldn't be happier that I did!

"The time is nigh to pay your debts. Your past has found you, and there be no peace until she's ours."

The words spoken to a father by a man he hoped against hope would never come.

Jethro is there to collect the girl. The Weaver girl. The only girl who can pay the debt. Nila.

Jethro is the first born Hawk son, Nila the first born Weaver daughter. She belongs to him now. The debt has come due and payable. Again. Just as it's been done for the last 600 years.

Nila doesn't know what coming. But her father does, and there's nothing he can do to save his only daughter.

This book left me breathless. The emotions, the feelings of helplessness as I watched this story unfold.

Ms. Winters has totally gained a new fan! Thanks to all my friends that talked me into this book/series. I'm hooked!!

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