Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Pinch Me

Pinch Me
Pinch Me by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Get your tissues ready, Tymber Dalton does it again in PINCH ME!

I just finished the book this morning and OMG, I loved it! This book kept me on the edge of my seat 90% of the time and it kept me connected to the characters a connections I felt right away.

I felt Rob's pain over what happened to Laura, but when she woke up and didn't know him, his emotions came through in the written word like I was actually sitting there with him. And the way Laura kept reaching to her neck (for her day collar), and not understanding why she was doing so, that just broke my heart. Her turmoil at needing to remember, not just the attack, but her life (with Rob) also made me feel so much for this character.

I loved Rob and Laura, his commitment to her, to staying with her, no matter what, because he loved her with his whole heart. The way she felt "that connection" with him from the start, it didn't matter that she couldn't explain it, she *felt* it.

This was done in typical Tymber Dalton style, by grabbing me by the heart and squeezing every bit of emotion out of me. Just when I think I have no more left, she tightens the screws just a little bit more. I love that about this author!

The only part I questioned was when Laura came face to face with her stalker, she was alone in the shop to lock up and secure the boats before an incoming storm. Up to this point she'd never been alone in the shop due to this guy who almost killed her and was still stalking her. But, she "sent everyone home".. really? Steve would have left her? Carol? Sarah? That part wasn't plausible, whereas the whole book up to that point was carefully written. That part just made me go.. "Really?"

Figuring out the "who" in this story, was easy, too easy maybe. But, it was interesting to see how it all pulled together and played out. (Very well actually!)

I would classify this as a "BDSM Light" story, and surely light compared to the 2 previous books (that I've read in this series), but there is a real reason for that, and it works. I loved seeing past characters from The Reluctant Dom and The Denim Dom, and that Shay was her best friend. Even with all the interaction from previous (book) characters, they didn't overwhelm the story line to this book, they genuinely enhanced it.

I do hope there will be future books in this series and that we'll see more of Rob and Laura and some of the other past characters as we meet new ones!

Solid 5 star read!

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