Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: For The Sub

For The Sub
For The Sub by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got used to a certain level of writing from Sierra Cartwright, I love everything I've read by her. Totally love the Mastered Series. But this book, I just wasn't really sure about. It felt like I was reading a story that was just written because it had to be, not because it needed to be.

Brandy has been in past books, but I'm not sure she deserved this book, or maybe she didn't deserve the way this book was written. The whole book felt like filler to me.

The ending felt so rushed, Master Niles and Brandy went from Point A to Point B to Point G without more in between. While they spent a couple of good weekends together, there was still much more they needed to learn about each other before the plunge the book took at the end. But I do understand that this is a book and timelines have to be a bit more rushed than normal. I guess I just felt there could have been more discussion, or more time in just a relationship before the whole marriage thing came up. The book would have been fine ending with them just deciding to work on having a relationship.

But all in all, I enjoyed the times that Brandy and Master Niles were together, their scenes were well written. And I enjoyed the antics of the animals, and the gift of the plastic dog toy, foot, that Master Niles gave to MW.. that part of the story was just priceless.

Master Niles seemed like a very sweet and compassionate Dominant. And Brandy surprised me at being such a feisty submissive, to the point of really pushing some boundaries. I did like the characters and their connection, and for the most part I did feel that connection between them.

I'd say this book was a 3.7 star rating for me, so I'm rounding it up to a 4. I'm looking very forward to the next book and Master Damien's story!

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