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Review: Lucas (The Hunter Brothers, #1) by L.J. Dee

Lucas (The Hunter Brothers, #1)Lucas by L.J. Dee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Overall rating: 3.6 Stars round up to 4

*****4 Hot Cobalt Blue Stars*****

Lucas... what a man! A hawt, dominant, alpha male. Yes. He is my, "new at this moment", book crush!

Lucas is the oldest of the Hunter Brothers, a no-nonsense, take the world by the balls and make it submit, smart, classy... and rich, man.

Jessica is a single mom to a 5 year old son. She and her sister live, and raise, Dexter together. She finally has a great job, and things are looking up. She "moonlights" helping out her sister at Elite as a server for private parties and it's at one of these parties that she meets Lucas. Her "Thunderbolt". Her love at first site though she'll never admit that.

While I really liked Lucas' character, Jess, drove me insane. Her wanting to be open, then shutting down. Every time Lucas tried to move forward, she'd take 3 steps back, while wondering why he didn't make her more than a 3 day a weeks lay. Jess was selfish and self centered a lot of the time.

Case in point. She, of course, wants the very best for her son, and when the very best is offered for him, she complains about how it effects her. At every turn she is whining. But, all in all, that's just Jess, and Lucas is actually able to take it and turn it to his advantage most of the time. She says "no", he finds a way to show her that "yes" is the better option.

Her back and forth, fence straddling, did get a bit old. But when it was the most important, Jess did step up and was actually there for Lucas when it counted the most, which had all sorts of redeeming qualities in my book.

The sex... OMG.. there was some really hot, sexy, sex in this book!

Lucas: "...we will be exclusive, embarking on a relationship that is underpinned by emmense trust, open communication and mutual respect."

Jessica: "It was the one part of being punished that I liked; no long drawn out apologies or self recrimimnation. It was 'wham-bam-it's over now ma'am there there was a lot to be said for it."

The Dominant/submissive aspect of the book. The author nailed it in almost all areas and I was really happy about that. Lucas was a strong Dominant that took training Jessica, and being her Dom, very seriously, while he was a Dom that normally played the submissive field, he gave Jess what he knew she needed. Exclusivity. Although it took her a while to trust that he was being faithful. Lucas was written as an upstanding Dominant and Jess as a submissive that was new to the lifestyle, and both, I felt, were written by someone that did their homework. (Thank you for that, L.J. Dee!)

Best line that made me laugh: "This was the shiny little cherry on a headfuck sundae..." I am SO going to find an opportunity to use that in conversation someday!

Most irritating overuse of a word. Flash, flashes, flashing, flashed. This descriptive term was used 37 times in this book. Flash(ing) eyes, smiles, across features, momentary, into mind, numbers, of fear, of jealousy, for a totally of 37 instances. The most overused in a phrase, "flashing eyebrows", flashing his, flashing hers, flashing his thick black brows. It's a great way to describe something, but it was just way overused.

Other than that, I really did love this story, flashing eyebrows and all! Loved Lucas and Jessica's overall relationship, enjoyed Chas, Charlie, and even Lucas's conniving little PA, Melody who wanted nothing more than to be rid of Jess and could be quite a bitch in her attempt to do so. She was the one I loved to hate!

I'm really looking forward to reading Roman and Chastity's story, and I hope to see a little of Lucas, Jess and Dex sprinkled in there too!

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