Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Slave (Finding Anna, #1)Slave by Sherri Hayes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet story… more sweet than really dark for the most part.

Rich Dom - check
Poor tormented submissive - check
A love story in the making - check
Dark - semi-check

I've had this book on my Kindle and on my TBR for quite a while, and thanks to a reading challenge on The Erogenous Zone, I finally tapped the glass on the front of my Kindle and started reading. And I didn't stop. Except when I absolutely had to. This book captured me in the first few pages and it didn't turn me loose.

Told from a dual point of view between Stephan and Brianna (Anna), the story unfolds quickly, but not so quickly as to feel rushed.

Stephan's friend contacts him about a girl that is enslaved to another Dom, but he feels that she isn't happy, and hints at the idea she may not be there of her own free will. This piques Stephan's interest. The caring part of his Dominant side that demands that he protect a submissive, any submissive. Stephan's friend came to him because he knew that he could afford to "buy" her in order to help her.

The man Brianna is with at that point, Ian, is a cruel and heartless bastard. Not the kind of man that should own a guppy, much less a beautiful submissive. He has broken her so severely that she may never be anything but broken ever again.

Brianna is young and for the last 10 months all she's known is cruelty and constant abuse. She is scared and scarred, beaten and broken. And she doesn't trust any man, not even the kind Dominant, Stephan. All she is waiting for is the other shoe to drop. Figuring that the time will come when he will beat and abuse her too.

Stephan is a kind and patient, and he cares about Brianna. He wants to help her, not enslave her but he also knows that, at first, she *needs* to be enslaved then slowly build the trust and take her from the wrong kind, the demented monstrous kind of slavery to the loving and gentle kind, then let her decide what is right for her.

Which will she choose, a loving D/s relationship with Stephan, or her freedom? You might be surprised.

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