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Don't underestimate Underestimated!

Underestimated (Underestimated, #1)Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book. Yes. This book.

I loved it. I hated it. Ohhhh! I loved it!

The Drew, Morgan/Riley, Dawson, Lauren, and let's not forget Derik characters were an entanglement of characters that I won't soon forget!

You've read the blurb, you've read the reviews, but until you read the book you won't get the love/hate relationship most have with the characters in this story.

The way Jettie Woodruff spins this tale making you want to hold your book close right before throwing it across the room is unique.

The book is dark and disturbing. And Drew, oh how I hated him. He was a narcissistic, sadistic bastard with no redeeming qualities who tortured Morgan(/Riley) in the worst possible ways. Dawson was a wonderful man that took care of Riley(/Morgan) to the best of his abilities, considering all she'd been through, and much of it she couldn't tell him. Confused yet?

Lauren, she was one of my favorite characters. I love how she decided that she and Riley were going to be friends, no matter what Riley thought about it. Luckily Riley was all for it. Lauren was a good, dear friend. I loved how she'd just pop in, eat Riley's leftovers, make herself at home and made it her mission to find a man for Riley.

Morgan was Drew's wife. He was mean and vicious to her. She was finally able to escape (with help) and changed her identity. She became Riley. It was as Riley that she met Dawson. I was cheering for these two for the majority of the book, even though I felt that Dawson was a little judgmental about the things that Riley wanted and needed.

Riley and Dawson settled in to a comfortable (read that not exciting and non-descript) pattern. Riley *needed* more, but Dawson kept that pretty much tamped down. She thought she was, or could be, happy with that.

Until she ran into the back of a bus and lost her memory.

In walks Drew back into her life and Riley becomes Morgan again, even though she doesn't remember *who* Morgan really is, and she has even less memory of Riley.

It was from that point until towards the end that I wanted to shake n' break my Kindle!

When her memory comes back in a rush. She is then Morgan/Riley in a love triangle with Drew & Dawson. The woman couldn't make a decision if her life depended on it. Back and forth she went between both men. She and her vagina, that she had conversations with, were always open for business when it came to these two men.

Some of my favorite things she said about her vagina:

"The sight of him sent a quivering sensation straight to my attention deficit disorder vagina."

"I closed my eyes and visualized our love making on top of the world. Of course, my vagina had to go and stick her nose in it too."

"I think maybe my vagina was on break, pissed off, or just not interest in making love..."
(now there was a first cause her vagina was *always* interested in throwing out the welcome sign!)

All the back and forth, can't make a decision, sleeping with Drew, sleeping with Dawson... I think a few less of those would have been better. Again, my poor Kindle took the brunt of my frustrations as I proceeded to squeeze it so hard every time she went one way or the other, that it threatened to throw *itself* out the window!

But even with all of that, Ms. Woodruff pulled it all together into a nice neat little story. Without giving away any more than I may have already done, I didn't think I would be happy with Morgan/Riley's choice. But I found that I was. At the end I found myself satisfied.

This is a must read if you like dark non-con and it's a solid 4 star read for me. The only thing that keeps it from being a 5 star is I think it went back and forth too many times with Morgan/Riley's indecision. I am however looking forward to reading "Underestimated Too". I've already purchased the book and taken a sneak peek at the first chapter and it's already caught my attention!

This past update says it all!

Past update: Review to come... but in the meantime..

I loved it but I wanted to slap the crap outta Morgan/Riley!!

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Goin' Once, Goin' Twice.... Sold!

The Auction
The Auction by Claire Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great Claire Thompson story! Some edgy BDSM and a love story all rolled into one nice little quick read.

Carly is down on her luck and pretty desperate, so she goes to the "Auction House" for a week of hard core training to become a "professional" submissive. At the auction, she is purchased by Adam Wise for $50,000 and he will own her for 30 days.

Contracts signed, sealed, and delivered, Carly goes home with Adam.

He's intense and at times pretty reckless with Carly and her safety. But underneath it all, he feels *something*, but continuously shoves it aside. She's a "paid submissive" there for his entertainment. A sex toy. Nothing more, nothing less.

She's sensitive, and wants to please him. She also feels *something*, and doesn't want to "shove it aside", she wants to explore these feelings, but he won't allow it.

I think the story, in the beginning, the "feelings of love" moved a bit too fast, but all in all, it worked in a way that only Ms. Thompson can make it work.

There is a part where Carly is locked in a box with Glory Holes.. she has a panic attack, and myself being very claustrophobic, felt ever bit of that. The author described it so vividly. There is also breath play/water play where she is put into a water locker. *takes a deep breath* It was all very descript.

I enjoyed this story very much and wish there was a sequel to it, much like I do many of the books written by this author.

Four stars!

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