Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Burn For Me

Burn For Me (Phoenix Fire, #1)Burn For Me by Cynthia Eden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Cover ★★★★
Book Blurb ★★★★
Writing ★★★
Character Development ★★★★
Ending ★★★★★
Heat Rating ★★★★

Overall Rating 4.0

This book for the most part was really enjoyable, and at times edge of your seat and heartbreaking. I really enjoyed the concept of Subject Thirteen... Cain O'Connor. He was a new breed of paranormal men for me. And mmmm... he was HOT! In more ways than one!

"I'm the monster in the dark. The big, fucking bad wolf. I've seen hell, and I've bought hell to earth."
I mean really, he had me at "big, fucking bad wolf"!

But I do have one major gripe that kept this from being a 5 star for me... Eve. Things were just way to convenient when it came to this character. It was like the author kept throwing things in there for convenience. Couple cases in point:

"The motorcycle roared to life. Cain had jumped on behind her, his body curved around hers. Eve gripped the handlebars and she drove that bike the hell out of there. She knew her motorcycles. Knew exactly how to handle them."

Well, damn good thing there just happened to be one right there then, huh? And that this woman just happened to know how to drive it.

Then they are riding this bike outrunning the bullets, and then...

" she needed to get away as fast as possible.
Good thing she knew this area.
And the perfect safe house."

Well damn, isn't that just the lucky break!

But someone has a bullet wound... well enter Eve.

"'They'll save him,' Eve said, sounding so certain. 'The wound was all gore, but nothing vital had been hit.'
He glanced her way.
'Two years of med school,' she explained with a sigh. Her eyes closed as if she were tired. 'I know what death looks like.'"

Wow, she's just a Jane of all trades that one.

There were many instances like that in the book, but I didn't really start noticing them until about midway through.

Outside of that complaint, I did enjoy the story. Enjoyed the fresh new spin on what Cain was, and what happened to him when he changed. I liked the fact that it was Eve that smelled "like fucking candy..." to him, making her irrisistable to him.

Eve's internal monologue was, at times, pretty hysterical! I loved the snarkiness!

Snarkiness always wins me over for a character!

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