Thursday, January 22, 2015

Secrets by Terry Towers

Secrets by Terry Towers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was offered an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Writing: ★★★★
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Overall rating: 4.6 (rounded up to 5 Stars)

First I need to comment on the cover of this book. HOT! Just sexy hot!

This book is written from a 3-way point of view, hard to do and keep the story from becoming too convoluted, but Terry Towers does it, and it works really well in this story.

Anastasia is a "bought bride" from the Ukraine, she came from nothing with the promise of a better life for her and her son Ura. What she was promised was very different for the abusive life she received. She was a "trophy wife", dressed in the finest, living the life of a rich wife. But behind closed doors, the man who she is married to is anything but the perfect husband. He is abusive and kinky. His sadistic ways, and his interpretation of the BDSM lifestyle leave Anastasia battered and bruised.

One night, after an altercation with her husband, Alexander, she hits him, knocking him out and scarring him, she packs light and steals $10,000 from Alexander's safe, takes Ura and runs, ending up in Maine.

In Maine, she finally finds an apartment, above a bar. Jaxson is the owner, he's ex-military and very much the gentleman that considers it his duty to take care of a woman that is obviously distressed.

The relationship that blooms between Anastasia and Jaxon is beautiful, the story isn't rushed, and it allows for an emotional connection with the characters in the story.

This is my second Terry Towers book, and it won't be my last. She truly has a gift of immersing the reader in the story.

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