Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Round One

Round One (Dom Wars, #1)Round One by Lucian Bane
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book. Really?

I felt it did nothing but make fun of the lifestyle. Took everything about it and stomped it in the ground making light of it. Turning the collar into something insignificant. Making fun of what a Dom and a sub are. Anyone *not* in the lifestyle would be confused as to what a Dominant really is and what a submissive really isn't.

I couldn't make a connection with these characters. Mainly Tara who is a pain in the ass. I didn't like her, she's neither Dominant or submissive in the lifestyle sense of the word. Her constant whining throughout the whole book grated on my nerves. Her "acting" as a Dom and then having Lucian put a collar on her and lead her around gave me one of many "eye roll" moments.

Lucian... I don't even know what to say or think about how this character is even remotely either Dominant or submissive either. Lucian is a Dom? Really? He sounds weak to me. Not believable.

And all the laughing about other peoples kinks that Tara does. "Ew" this "giggle" that. Drove me insane.

This is obviously written by someone that knows not one damn thing about the lifestyle.

These characters, if anything, should have been written as Tops or bottoms. They aren't even Switches. Both characters are weak, both trying to gain the upper hand and failing miserably.

I almost felt insulted by this book having anything to do with the D/s lifestyle.

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