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Review: Wrath by L.P. Lovell and Stevie J. Cole

Wrath (Wrong, #2)Wrath by L.P. Lovell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 5.0

*****5 "Evolve to Survive" Stars*****

Where do I start with this book? There have only ever been two books that brought tears to my eyes. This one did more than that, it made me cry, a really ugly cry, and I felt like my heart was shattering.

I was so wrapped up in these characters, the authors pulled me in and made me part of their lives. So much so, that when I got to 87% I actually had to put my Kindle down and try to breathe. It was late and I thought, "No. I can't do this." So even though I could have finished this last night, I had to stop and get my emotions in check. At the same time, I wanted to savor the story, stretch it out just a little longer.

When I started reading this series, I was expecting dark.. but Wrong only gave me little peeks into the dark here and there. But, Wrath? It threw the door open and drug me down in to darkness hell.

"I will never come back from this. Even if he doesn't kill me, I gave up my life for love. I just hope it was enough."

Joe is the personification of evil. While he was mainly quiet in the first book, he comes out full on twisted, sadistic, depraved and deprived. In complete monster mode, in this book. He is the stuff real nightmares are made of. His pleasure comes from completely breaking a person's mind, body and spirit before ending their lives. He wants his victim to beg him for death. And he *will* make them beg.

When Joe took Tor, she was his ultimate victim, the one he needed to completely destroy Jude. But he didn't really count on the love that Jude and Tor had.

Tor and Jude are finally reunited but Joe is still out there, and no matter how much Jude swears to keep her safe, can he really?

"It's like all the little pieces of my fucked up existence click into place. Evolve to survive, this is what I need to survive. Blood. Revenge. Wrath."

Revenge is Tor's driving force at this point. It's a what she needs to move on. It's all she thinks about, and she needs Jude to get on board with it, quickly, because now, more than ever the stakes just went up ten fold.

"She is the only thing in my life that has ever felt right. It's fucked up, and it's wrong, but I love her. She's fucking everything."

In the first book, Jude was softer. That changes exponentially in this book. He becomes a man with a mission, and that mission is to kill Joe before Joe kills them first. Jude doesn't love, it's not who he is. But he loves Tor, there is no doubt in his mind about that, and he doesn't even know how it happened. But it's that love that causes him to put everything on the line to find Joe.

"Holy fucking shit, when did Tor become so fucking violent? The fucked up part is that it's making my damn dick hard."

This book also broke up the dark with some really funny banter between Jude and Tor. It's made them real, it made me love them. It made me scared for them.

"Tor may be broken, but she's evolved, she's dark and deadly, and sexy as fuck."

As this book progressed, I kept looking at how much was left. I didn't want it to end, and I really kept thinking.. "oh, this isn't going to end well."

The story wraps up all the lose ends. The flow was perfect. It didn't feel rushed. This book is going down as my newest favorite "Dark read".

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Marney. I loved him. He was the perfect secondary character that held everything together. His story line weaved in and out of Jude and Tor's story. A piece of dark thread in a beautifully fucked up, tragic, tapestry entitled.. Wrath.

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