Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: Determined to Obey

Determined to Obey
Determined to Obey by C.J. Roberts

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Determined to Obey is the last in the Dark Duet series from Kid's POV.. it was just barely Meh.. kinda fell flat for me. 2.5 stars.. i wish we could give 1/2 stars. But i rounded it up to 3.

The Dark Duet Series is one of my favorites. One that has never really left my mind, and one I can recall easily, more so than just about any other Dark Erotica I've read, but I think the series would have been much better if Ms. Roberts had left Kid as a background character instead of trying to spin him off.. and making Caleb and Kitten secondary characters really wasn't a smooth move. They were too important to the Dark Duet series, even though it gave us a glimpse of what was going on in the background of the Dark Duet series, it really didn't add anything to it.

While the cover is beautiful, as are all the covers in this series, Ms. Roberts has a real talent for picking them, Kid looks like a 15 year old boy. He's suppose to be a (somewhat reluctant) member of a motorcycle club. The picture on the cover and the character in the story were hard to reconcile as the same person in my mind. He just looks too much like a young boy to me and that makes it hard for me to connect to that character. I know it's suppose to make us feel... protective(?) of Kid, but for me, I just kept imagining these things happening to a boy.

Felipe and Celia.. who are suppose to be Owner and slave come off as quite the opposite. They come of, in my opinion, as equals to each other or with Celia topping Felipe from the bottom. Who really runs *that* show?

So yes, for me, it would have been much better if Kid's story were just left to my imagination.

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