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A Wolf's DowryA Wolf's Dowry by Johnny Stone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Red Riding Hood, Wolf Man!

That was one HAWT read! I don't even know what else to say about it! I was with the author daily on this book (and Slave World: The Ties That Bind) listening to the changes that took place as the book took shape. Reading as He wrote it, bouncing ideas back and forth, watching it morph into something incredible. But to sit and read it in its completed format, start to finish after all the changes were complete... there are no words!

Johnny Stone has a fantastic imagination and He put it to good use with this book.

It's a story of Paula Redding, a Homicide Detective with a secret, a *big* secret. She's a werewolf and there's an Alpha Male in her territory and he's baiting her and she's more than ready to take that bait.

Duncan Patrick is that Alpha Male, and he's ready to add another bitch to his long line of females that he services in his territory. He baits her, leaving his scent for her to follow. And what a scent he has.

Add Martin "Marty" Jenks to the mix, Paula's human lover, the man she wants to marry and have a family with, and things start to get dicey for Paula.

Will she stay with her kind? Become the were-female bitch that Duncan commands that she be, or will her humanity, what's left of it, keep her from becoming the very thing she has sworn to protect the people of her territory from?

This is a must read, a quick and very, VERY hot read. Character development is dead on, and I was connected to them one by one. Losing a bit of my own humanity when the story turned very dark and sexual.

This book isn't for the faint of heart, it's dark, sexual, and violent in some parts. It's a wild ride and if you're looking for a quick PNRe to read during lunch, this is the perfect one for that... but beware, the sexuality and hotness factor of this book will have you wishing for a place to take a cold shower before heading back to work.

Solid 5 stars!

*I have the continuous privilege to interact with the author in my personal life. With that said and even though I was involved on a daily basis as this story developed, and was written by the author, I believe this to be a true, fair, objective and honest representation of my opinion of this book*


Here is an excerpt from A Wolf's Dowry:

Paula stared about in a daze one last time. Unbelievable… There was an Alpha Were marking women in her city, in her territory. That could only mean one thing- it was an invitation on his part. He was looking for a mate.

She glanced down at several of the sealed evidence bags on the hood of the victim’s car- one of them contained the shredded remains of a dark blue T-shirt. With a quick glance at both Jenks and the Sheriff’s men, Paula snatched it off the trunk, doing her best to shield it from stray eyes. A mile down the road she pulled over, eyeing it in the seat beside her. She licked her lips, chest heaving, unable to resist the urge any longer.

Paula tore the bag open with frantic haste, bringing the mangled shirt to her nose, drowning in its musky odor. She felt drunk, while tearing at the button fly of her jeans, rubbing the shirt across her cheek and neck. Anxious fingers dove beneath the hem of her panties, probing until they found the slick, engorged crack they sought. Her body convulsed with ragged gasps while greedy fingers attacked her clit. She could almost see him, like in her dreams, while dark and dangerous visions began to swirl and solidify in her mind. Just as in her dreams, she wanted him without reservations. She wanted things she never knew existed, as instinct coursed through her body, making it come alive in unimaginable ways. She wanted to dance to the tune of a mating Were for the first time in her life. She craved the experience the chase, before he slapped aside her resistance, proclaiming his dominance over her, taking her, fucking her like the beast she inherently was. Just the thought of being pinned helplessly beneath him…

Paula’s fingers moved faster, grinding almost painfully against her throbbing clit, while moans of frenzied pleasure rent the air-conditioned interior of her car. It wasn’t enough- she wanted more, she needed more, as her desires grew beyond the point of no return. Her hand eased over a gossamer-soft tuft of damp pubic hair, clutching tightly at gentle mound of her pussy with the palm of her hand. One finger moved deeper, pushing hungrily between silky lips. That was all it took.

Jolts of electric heat streaked through her body, followed by the trickling warmth of pungent fluid seeping between her fingers. She whined helplessly, unable to breath, pinching her thighs together in silent ecstasy, while biting at the shirt of a killer. The release left her shaking, with a glow in her cheeks after the tremors passed. She’d never felt anything so intense in her life, and that was just from his scent.

Paula had never found a man, if you could call an Alpha Were that, that she’d wanted to share herself so desperately with, so completely, so uninhibited as she did right now sitting in her car on a backwoods, gravel road. Not even Jenks, the man she loved and fully intended to marry one day, had ever made her feel so liberated during sex. All her plans, all her dreams of a family with him seemed inconsequential right now, vanishing in the blink of an eye, drowned beneath primal desires that she’d repressed her entire life.

“This can’t be happening,” Paula breathed heavily, looking around nervously, before stuffing the shirt shamefully back into the evidence bag. She was a Werewolf, and in heat, and the Alpha knew it- that’s why he’d come looking for her- or was there another female infringing on her territory again that she didn’t know about? The thought alone that some skanky, wandering bitch was trying to steal him away almost brought on a violent change.

The call of her blood couldn’t be ignored this time- not any longer. If she didn’t answer his summons another bitch would, or he would move on in search of another, and Paula wasn’t about to let that happen. She was going to mate, soon, and her life would change forever. It was inevitable at this point, and there was no way to avoid it- Paula didn’t want to avoid it. Maybe I am nothing more than an animal pretending to be human, she mused glumly, starting her car.

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New Short Story by Johnny Stone

A Wolf's Dowry is only available in ebook format. Paula Redding is a woman of many faces; she is an orphan with a shrouded past. She is a Homicide Detective entrusted with tracking down the filth of society and bringing them to justice. She is a woman in a committed relationship with a loving man that wants nothing more then to marry her, growing old together as they raise a family. She’s is also a member of a species nearing extinction, a Werewolf, who is struggling to maintain her humanity against the very laws of nature itself.

A recent string of nightmarish murders will quickly bring her face to face with the darkness hiding in her soul, as she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the beast she is capable of becoming?

You can purchase the book directly from Pink Flamingo Publishing. Coming soon to!

Slave World: The Ties That Bind!

Johnny Stone's much anticipated sequel to Slave World is now available! Slave World 2: The Ties That Bind & A Wolf's Dowry by Johnny Stone are the two hot new releases this week! Join us!
Slave World, The Ties That Bind by Johnny Stone

Margo Winters, decorated war veteran and independent freighter captain turned genetically altered pony slave, finally has everything she’s always wanted in life. The problem is, that even the most idyllic of situations can be dashed to pieces when least expected. What begins as a mission to retrieve Margo’s stolen ship from the men that sent her away a year ago, quickly spirals out of control, becoming an unforeseeable chain of events. Without warning Margo is cruelly stripped of the man she loves, once more sent into submission, and condemned to the life of a servitude. The only chance for her to survive the inhuman and sadistic abuse she is made to endure is to become the very thing that will rob her of her fragile sanity, and forever destroy the essence of who and what she is. While Margo fights for her very survival, suffering the insufferable, dark forces writhe in the background, plotting against the very laws of nature itself. Others move to stop them while conducting a war of incredible deception that might one-day lead to the very extinction of the Human race. Slave World, The Ties that Bind, is the second book in the dark saga of Margo Winters, Nathan Burke, and a universe of dwindling ethics and fading morality.

Not suitable for the faint of heart or ethically squeamish, containing explicit and controversial material to include: Graphic Violence and adult language, M/F, F/F, Human/ Mechanical and Human/ Anthropomorphic sexual content. Forced Captivity, Dehumanization, Body modification, Humiliation and Dubious, Non-consensual sexual situations. Elements of BDSM to include, Master/ slave, Rough sex, Anal and oral, Toys, Pony play, Exhibitionism and public nudity.

You can purchase the book directly from Pink Flamingo Publishing. Coming soon to!

More! I want more!

Move the Sun (Signal Bend, #1)Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. That is my first thought as I finished the book! Just. Wow.

An excellent story of love, hot sex, and intrigue! What a perfect combination!

This story was so much more than just another MC (motorcycle club) book. The characters come to life, you feel them, you want them to be happy, and the story unfolds perfectly and keeps you wondering what's going to happen next.

The unique thing about this book was the way the author would start a chapter by going back into the past of Lilli, the female lead. Starting when she was just 10 and her mother committed suicide. Then other chapters started out the same, moving back to something significant in Lilli's life that would tie in to the chapter. It may sound confusing, but trust me, it worked. And quite well!

The book kept me guessing as to who Lilli was and what she was doing in Signal Bend. I liked that, it kept me engaged and I could *not* put this book down!

I fell in love with Isaac he was a strong alpha male, but was also very kind and considerate to Lilli. They both knew there was *something* special about the other one. I especially liked the fact that the author didn't tear them apart. Lilli thought about it, but she knew she wanted Isaac as much as he wanted her. She knew he was the missing piece to the puzzle that was her life.

There was so much emotion in this book. From the incredibly hot sex to the tender holding of Lilli's hand while she was in a coma.

This book just *worked* from start to finish! I'm so looking forward to starting book 2!

This was a 5 star read for me!

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