Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: In the Zone

In the Zone
In the Zone by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anything by Sierra Cartwright is outstanding in my book. And this book was no exception.

Alani is a professional sub, but in my opinion seems to be bored with it, she can't seem to find a Dom she can't top from the bottom, or she feels like she has to "fake it till she makes it". It's during one such scene that Nathaniel, owner of Zones, a BDSM club, catches Alain yawning and rolling her eyes, and he takes over, in more ways than one.

This was a Dom she couldn't top, and knew better than to "fake it" with... not that she had to do that anyway! He "unsettled her" and excited her. Made her feel the things she had been craving but was ready to give up hope of finding.

Nathaniel didn't play games, he wanted her, but she was going to have to come to him freely, and give everything freely. He saw her potential, knew what she could be for him and what they could be for each other. But he wasn't going to chase her or convince her, she had to figure it out on her own, and come to him. This wasn't easy for Nathaniel.

But would she give to him freely? Would she really come to him as a true submissive, no games, no faking it? Could she? Can she really open up about herself, be honest with Nathaniel about her past and what she feels? Or will her "hiding" be the downfall of this relationship before it can even get started?

I really enjoyed this book, these characters, the struggles on both of their parts to find the right aspects of D/s and S&M that work for them as individuals and together.

I like how this author digs in and grabs hold of what it really is to struggle in a relationship, be it vanilla or as lifers. There is always valuable information that lifestylers should follow, or those that may be interested in a BDSM relationship should know, in all of her books, and In The Zone is no exception to that.

This book gets a solid 4 stars from me.

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