Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Master" Falls Short...

Master (Dommissimma, #1)Master by Raven McAllen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book barely gets 3 stars from me.

It started out fairly decent, but Anna, the main female lead, her *constant* whining and threats of vomiting every 2 minutes. Her wishy washy ways. Her running away, running out, ducking and hiding, then all at once popping up and confronting, constant blaming of everyone and taking none herself... then you add in, if she wasn't whining she was demanding of everyone including Cade (who by the way struck me as a very weak Dom.. not something I'm used to in the least), constantly, drove me to distraction.

I couldn't get attached to a single character in this book. But if I had to pick one, then Athol was the best character by far. In the beginning I was under the assumption that he was actually a submissive male. "effeminate looks" "looks like a 12 year old", made mention of not upsetting a (his?) Dom, just the undertone led me to believe he was submissive, or maybe a switch.

He agreed to go with Anna into the club as a Dom, her simpering ways that turned far more than "bratty", didn't have me feeling any sympathy for her at all. Later he agrees to council her, help her fight her "demons" of which she has many. And all of the sudden, He's in full on Dom mode.

By the time I got 70% in (I really was trying to give it a fair chance by actually finishing it) I was skimming pages. By the time it got to Her and Cade actually getting back together and having their first scene and sex, I was over it.

There was too much angst in this book, too much time spent on Anna being negative and Cade being weak. There were many times this book could have "wrapped it up" and ended. But it just dragged on and on.

The concept of the book, the main idea was a good one, but it was just too drawn out. This would have been better as a *shorter* story.

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  1. Whiny characters are the pits. I have kids. I don't need whiny characters in my books, too. lol