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Review: Slave World 2: The Ties That Bind

Slave World 2: The Ties That Bind
Slave World 2: The Ties That Bind by Johnny Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay. Catching my breath! That. Was. Excellent!! Johnny Stone took the story of his first book in the Slave World trilogy so much further in this sequel, Slave World: The Ties That Bind, than I thought was possible.

This is a Science Fiction based story with elements of BDSM incorporated throughout.

Margo, as we know from book 1 of this story, is an anthropomorphic female. She was a woman that was enslaved and taken to Slave World where her DNA was altered along with her appearance. She now has the perfect body, the perfect face, perfect everything. She is given perfection, but at the same time has had everything taken from her.

Nathan, the love of Margo's life. The man she wants most in the world to be her Master. To use her as the submissive slave that she is. Nathan doesn't want to be that in her life. But he does try, for her. Because he loves her.

As Nathan and Margo are leaving the Slave World Ranch in search of Margo's ship that was stolen from her when she was kidnapped, even more treachery is afoot, and they are forcibly separated. I felt so much sadness for them. For Margo who lived and breathed for Nathan and for Nathan who wanted this woman in any and all ways. Again, the cruel hand of fate is not kind to Margo, which seems to be the story of her existence. She is again kidnapped and held against her will by someone that is even more evil and vile than Master Michael was in the first book.

But Margo has a very deep and dark secret, and it's this secret that she calls on in the worst of times. The secret within her that takes over and helps her survive. And I mean this in the literal sense of the word!

We get to meet new characters like, Sergeant Major James Wroth and Private Sandra "Snake" Fullerton, a.k.a. "Sandy". My two favorite fun characters! Wroth is a sexy and funny man, mostly sexy because he's funny! Sandy is a tough but broken woman who has demons of her own, but still finds time to throw some snarkiness right back at the man she loves to hate. When these two get together they are like dynamite with a very short, lit fuse. Anyone standing close is sure to feel the burn of sexual heat coming from these two. But they also work well together on this very important mission. I promise you'll fall in love with Wroth and his many "Wrothisms"! You'll also fall in love with how he and Sandy fall in love with each other.

And Cherise... sweet Cherise. She is Margo's caretaker for a while and then her friend. She is a sweet and kind self-aware AI, which can be a dangerous combination, but you come to believe that she's so much more than that.

There are other very interesting characters some you'll remember from the first Slave World, like Donna, Cirus, Ashley, and Donovan. There are some new and intriguing characters, and some will come as a surprise. There are other worlds, one, Eden, is full self-aware AI.

I absolutely, love, love, LOVED this book! It's a non-stop, can't put it down even if I wanted to, book. The characters are well written, the world building is so in-depth that you'll actually be able to visualize it as you read the words.

I can't go to much further in-depth in my review without giving away plot spoilers. This is one that you have to read for yourself to appreciate. And ohhh the best thing about the end of this story? It leaves you wanting MORE! And there is more to come in Slave World 3 which will conclude this trilogy.

Reading Slave World, the first book is a must before reading this sequel to get the background history on main characters in this carefully crafted world of extraordinary characters.

This book is another solid 5 star read for me!

Solid 5 stars!

*I have the continuous privilege to interact with the author in my personal life. With that said and even though I was involved on a daily basis as this story developed, and was written by the author, I believe this to be a true, fair, objective and honest representation of my opinion of this book*

Excerpt Excerpt Excerpt

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, letting the hot jet of water beat against my face. God it felt good, the tension just seemed to flow out of me in a wave of relief down the drain. The multiple smaller jets oriented around the shower cubicle followed suit, pelting my body with a soapy mist. It had a neutral smell to it though – very mannish – it wasn’t even close to my normal fragrance. No big deal, I’ll just reprogram it later with something a bit more female friendly, something light and flowery. I’m sure Nathan will love that.

Nathan… I was going to have to do some serious butt kissing to make up for that outburst. I still don’t know what happened, one minute I was happy as hell to be flying again, looking forward to getting laid, and the next I was back in the cockpit of my Hornet 3 Interceptor evading fire. Things really got ugly after I returned to reality; I can’t believe I snapped at him like that.

The main jet of water dropped suddenly and I opened my eyes only to receive a blast in the face as it switched directions again, spraying up and over my head. I shrieked, covering my face with my hands when the other jets went crazy, attacking me. The main jet returned to a normal flow just as unexpectedly, and I stepped to the side eyeing it warily from between my fingers. “Piece of crap,” I muttered. We must have just cleared Slave World’s atmosphere and entered open space, and it always took a few moments for the artificial gravity to kick in and get the thing right again. Water on board ship was one thing that still never acted quite right; it would do strange things at times, moving this way or that, not sure which way to go. I seemed to have forgotten that little piece of information during my extended planet-side vacation.

Now that’s over… I took my place in the middle of the shower cubicle again, letting the steamy water blast my skin back into a rosy glow while I soaped up. It was therapeutic for me in a way, lathering up my tail, before moving on to my shoulder-length mane. After that, came my wonderful ears. I always washed in the same order, always. Not sure why, other than I did, like a simplistic ritual of compulsive leisure. And of course, once the more mundane parts were done it allowed me to move on to other areas, the parts I enjoyed washing more thoroughly than they really need most times. Since the first time I discovered sex as a young woman, I’d loved playing with myself, but after becoming a pony… My skin felt so soft and silky now, just like a baby’s butt, but everywhere. I’ll admit that enhanced collagen levels were an added bonus from my augmentation that I didn’t mind in the least.

Gentle, plump breast were the first to fall prey to my roving hands, and I pushed them together, enhancing my generous cleavage even more, while thinking about the last time Nathan tit fucked me. His dark pink cockhead thrusting up between them… his hand on my head, a fistful of hair, pulling my head forward… I opened my mouth… the warm splash of Master’s cum dribbling down my chin… I’d never been tit fucked before coming to Slave World – having a small chest kind of puts a damper on things like that.

The more I washed, with my hands gliding over flushed, slippery skin, the more I realized just how horny I was. My hunger for Nathan hadn’t gone away in the least with all the recent excitement, if anything, it had grown stronger. My nipples felt bloated with sensitivity, no different than my swollen clit. I gasped with an erotic shudder, as I leaned back against the shower wall, one leg cocked up and a hand between them. My pussy was in my palm, massaging my clit, seconds away from cumming on the two fingers that were knuckle deep within it. I was playing with myself again and didn’t even realize it.

I quickly pulled them out, nervously looking around, and took a deep breath trying to calm down while I finished rinsing. Good luck with that; my heart was pounding and my body felt like it was on fire. It didn’t take long; I was in a hurry, and I silently hoped Nathan wasn’t already in the bedroom waiting on me.

The dryer came next, buffeting me with warm gusts of air, and I ran my hands through my hair and tail to help the process along. I did sneak one last exploratory finger through my slit, smiling at how slick I still was. The shimmering finger vanished in my mouth with a heavenly moan. Mmmm… Sticky sweet sex candy, another wonderful result of my augmentation. Is it wrong to enjoy the taste of yourself? If it is, then I never want to be right.

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