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Eternally Your Master by B.B. Blaque

Eternally Your Master (Not Even Death, #1)Eternally Your Master by B.B. Blaque

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Writing: ★★★
Story: ★★
Characters: ★★

Overall rating: 2.3

This is a tough one. The blurb drew me in, it put me in the mind of The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton, but the book turned out to be *nothing* like that book, or this blurb for that matter.
"So, my sweet kitten, I've taken this out of your hands. You will need to serve. It's who you are. The decision is mine."
Calico's Master, Markus, saved her from the street, trained her well, and she was the perfect slave for him. Markus gets sick, and dies, we don't know what from, but we know that Cali is alone now.
"... she was all loose ends and heartbreak without him. What was a slave to do when there was no one to care for?"
But, even in death, Markus still has his hand on the top of his slave's head and guiding her path in life. What he does for her is so loving and so sweet.

And then...
"Ya' know, I've jerked off so many times with your surrender in mind, making you come until I feel the flood soaking my balls."
And then there is Derrick.

Well the *premise* of his idea was sweet.. until we meet Derrick. This character, he was just creepy. He sounded, and acted like a 20 year old virgin who couldn't wait to have sex. I can't, for the life of me, understand why Markus would choose someone like Derrick to help Calico. Yes, Markus and Derrick were best friends, and yes, Derrick is a Dominant. But beyond that, I just don't see why the choice was Derrick.

Marcus' letters, that arrived at particular times for Calico, were sweet, and firm. Letting her know what she was to do, and that he'd always be there with her. His words seemed to be that of a Master truly caring for his slave. His words were eloquent and sincere. So when Derrick comes into the picture, via Skype and in person, it was kind of a shock to the system.
This would have been a much better read if Derrick were more realistic, and less, what felt like to me, insecure.

Editing seemed to be a bit of a problem in this book also. Italics, when Marcus' letters were being read, or he was speaking in Calico's mind, were very helpful, it was the forgetting to *turn off* the Italics at times that caused a bit of confusion.
I don't imagine I'll be continuing with this series.

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