Friday, February 7, 2014

Slave World: The Ties That Bind!

Johnny Stone's much anticipated sequel to Slave World is now available! Slave World 2: The Ties That Bind & A Wolf's Dowry by Johnny Stone are the two hot new releases this week! Join us!
Slave World, The Ties That Bind by Johnny Stone

Margo Winters, decorated war veteran and independent freighter captain turned genetically altered pony slave, finally has everything she’s always wanted in life. The problem is, that even the most idyllic of situations can be dashed to pieces when least expected. What begins as a mission to retrieve Margo’s stolen ship from the men that sent her away a year ago, quickly spirals out of control, becoming an unforeseeable chain of events. Without warning Margo is cruelly stripped of the man she loves, once more sent into submission, and condemned to the life of a servitude. The only chance for her to survive the inhuman and sadistic abuse she is made to endure is to become the very thing that will rob her of her fragile sanity, and forever destroy the essence of who and what she is. While Margo fights for her very survival, suffering the insufferable, dark forces writhe in the background, plotting against the very laws of nature itself. Others move to stop them while conducting a war of incredible deception that might one-day lead to the very extinction of the Human race. Slave World, The Ties that Bind, is the second book in the dark saga of Margo Winters, Nathan Burke, and a universe of dwindling ethics and fading morality.

Not suitable for the faint of heart or ethically squeamish, containing explicit and controversial material to include: Graphic Violence and adult language, M/F, F/F, Human/ Mechanical and Human/ Anthropomorphic sexual content. Forced Captivity, Dehumanization, Body modification, Humiliation and Dubious, Non-consensual sexual situations. Elements of BDSM to include, Master/ slave, Rough sex, Anal and oral, Toys, Pony play, Exhibitionism and public nudity.

You can purchase the book directly from Pink Flamingo Publishing. Coming soon to!

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