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A friend reviews Misadventures in Infidelity!!

A review by a friend that I wanted to share! Thank you, Julia! Great review!


Not so new explorations - Reading Johnny Stone (November 2013)

Misadventures in Infidelity by Johnny Stone 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Julia O

This was an interesting read for me to say the least. The first story seemed to not really sit with me all that well but, similar to Slave World (the other Johnny Stone read I've managed to find time to enjoy so far), Stone just took his time, setting a rough scene and then playing it out in unexpected ways - not sure if it makes sense, but that's how it felt. In this case, it was one isolated part that I found difficulty with which was more than made up by two additional stories I absolutely loved. All in all each story came with a unique character but built up to a comprehensive understanding of the main character and why she lives the way she does.

The more I read, the more I warmed up to Erin and her story - funny at times, witty, naughty but also filled with unique characters who all brought something interesting to the story. All in all this was about a woman getting everything she needs, some of which happening outside of her marriage. Intentional or not, this made me stop and think at some points in order to read between the lines.

Here's two things I really appreciate about Stone as an author - his writing style is almost enchanting, it is very unique and very intelligent, it is the kind of writing that makes anything worth reading and that has made me step beyond my comfort zones as a reader in the past and surely will in the future. The second thing is that Stone is not scared of taboo, not scared of putting his readers in front of uncomfortable yet interesting topics and I hope he will continue to do so in the future. This book was certainly no exception to how I perceived Stone as an author in the past and I highly recommend it to others as I will be very soon, moving on to another one of his books.

*I have the continuous privilege to interact with the author here on Goodreads. To the best of my knowledge this is an objective, fair and honest review.*

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