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Prisoned: A Dark Twisted Erotic Standalone by Marni Mann

Prisoned: A Dark Twisted Erotic Standalone by Marni Mann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Writing: ★★★
Story: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★

Overall rating: 3.6

It's taken me some time to sit down and decide how to review this book. Did I love it? Did I hated it?

For most of the book I was kinda like...
But somewhere there in the middle I perked up, it got my attention, I was really starting to feel it!
The cell.. it was deliciously dark, the story took some nice twists... but then, the questions. Oh so many questions!

♦ Who was Beard?
♦ Who was Breath?
♦ Who, or what, were "The Babies"?
♦ What happened to the safe full of money?
And a bigger question...

♦ What was real?
♦ Did it happen?
And the mother of all questions...
I was really into the book at this point, but there were a few sticking points for me.

The amount of sex they had in the cell. Really? Your life is on the line in the most horrific way, and all you're thinking about is sex?

And one line that made me roll my eyes....

"I would kill for a popsicle and a fluffy pillow right now, I said" -Kyle

That was the dumbest thing that could have ever been said at that point.

Okay, so there could be somewhat of an explanation... but it all depends on which version of the story you're willing to believe.

But even at that I was really into the book right up to the end. That ending pissed me off. This books says "standalone".. that is not the ending for a "standalone" book. Too much was left open ended, and obviously from my review, lots and lots of questions unanswered.

Would I read the next book if this were to become a series? Possibly. As long as I knew there would actually be an ending!

I have revised my rating, bumping it from 3.3 Stars to 3.6 Stars only because after getting into this review, and after calming down for a few days, I realized that the saving grace was that I *did* enjoy the middle(ish) part of the book.

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