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On Air: A sexy story about a teacher who helps his student find her inner voice by Anna Viola-Peg

On Air: A sexy story about a teacher who helps his student find her inner voice by Anna Viola-Peg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Writing: ★★★★
Story: ★★★★★
Characters: ★★★★★

Overall rating: 4.6

****5 "Hot for Teacher" Stars!****
Anna Viola-Peg contacted me to Read and Review her debut short story, and boy am I glad she did! This was intense and seriously steamy! Thank you, Anna!
"She hated the class because it was part of her Broadcast Journalism module. She hated the sound of her voice and she hated how she looked on camera. Radio journalism was of no interest to her, a true writer at heart."
Maggie is in college to become a journalist, but she only wants to write. She doesn't like appearing as a stuttering little girl, on the air or in front of the camera, who didn't know what she was talking about. That's how she perceives herself at least.
Mr. Finian is the seminar tutor, and a good looking one to boot. He is young for an academic, early 30's, and while Maggie found him attractive, she also found it really hard to like him because of the subject he was teaching.
Maggie has her usual bored expression, she doodles, plays with her phone, anything to get through the class. Until suddenly he's looking right at her. Awkward!

As class ends, he wants to speak to her.
"But if, let's say, you wanted some private tuition, I would be happy to give you some...."
Well, let me think about this for a half a second... Hell yes! I'd be more than happy to take some private time with Mr. Finian! But Maggie isn't as keen on the idea. She just wants out of there, like two seconds ago!

Okay so she doesn't want the private tutoring, but she must attend the radio workshops the following week. And at the last workshop she will have to record her news piece in the radio booth.

She thinks to call in sick, tries to get some of her friends to stay with her since her recording will be the last one of the day. But everyone has plans and she realizes she will have to be alone with Mr. Finian.
"We will play a game, Margaret. I will press this big red button here and from that point on you are not allowed to say anything." "If you break this rule... I will fuck your mouth, and trust me, you will not like that."
Holy Hotness!
What happens from there is seriously fucked up.. and seriously hot! Mr. Finian is going to school Maggie in a way she won't soon forget.

I'm a reader of dark erotica, normally, and this short story really had the potential to turn in that direction very easily if it were a novel.

I imagine that this author could write some dark taboo stories. And I hope she gives it a whirl!
"Best part of waking up? Is sexy in my cup... errr book!

I enjoyed reading this with my morning coffee. It's short, (well, that's why it's called a short story right?), to the point, and erotic. So if it's a quick read with your coffee, over your lunch break, or before bed, then this book fits the bill.

The only reason this book is a 4.6 instead of a solid 5 is because there were some (very few) spelling errors or missing words. But for a debut short, it really rocked!
I'll be watching for more from this author in the future!

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